Support every step of the way

Personal service right from the start

At Well Minds Online, we want to provide you with the best online counselling service so we do things differently; we don’t believe that you should have to ‘self diagnose’ by choosing from a drop-down list of ‘ailments’. Nor should you have to wade through counsellor’s profiles and qualifications to make your choice. You wouldn’t expect to self diagnose before you see your GP, or select your doctor or consultant from a line-up!

We provide a personal touch from the start; we offer a free consultation with our lead counsellor.  You can talk about what’s on your mind, discuss what you want to achieve from counselling and ask questions.  Then we will recommend a counsellor who can best meet your needs.  Most importantly, we will be totally honest and tell you if we think another service or specialist would be better for you and give you advice about where to access support.