Terms and Conditions

Well Minds Online

Informed Consent and agreement for telephone or video call counselling

Our Counsellors use a range of therapeutic approaches and your dedicated counsellor will explain their approach to you during your first session. All of our counsellors are members of a professional counselling body, British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and adhere to the codes of conduct and ethical framework. All our counsellors are fully insured for professional indemnity and personal liability.


All the information shared with your counsellor is strictly confidential unless one of the following should occur:

1. You have revealed a serious risk to yourself or others

2. You have disclosed information relating to risk to a child or a vulnerable adult

3. You have disclosed information relating to a possible act of terrorism

4. You have disclosed information relating to money laundering and/or drug trafficking

5. We are required by a Court to disclose information

We have specific procedures to follow in each of these cases – If you or another person are judged to be at serious risk, and you are unable to reduce or resolve that risk, then only essential information will be shared and only with the appropriate emergency service – Risk to a vulnerable adult requires to us follow our safeguarding procedures – We have a legal duty to share information about illegal activities, such as potential terrorism activities, drugs trafficking and money laundering or if a Court has ordered that we must share relevant information. In any of these cases, we would endeavour to discuss with you what was happening and why.

Your safety

Your safety is important to us and in the event of an emergency, for instance, if you become unwell during a session, we ask you to provide the details of a person that you give us consent to contact to suppport you.

Record keeping

Your counsellor will keep records of the sessions that you have with them and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a controller of sensitive data and works to their standards for storing any personal information. More information can be found at: https://ico.org.uk Our full confidentially policy is available upon request.


£15.00 – Individual Counselling session (Student Counsellor) by phone or Zoom
£35.00 – Individual Counselling session (Qualified Counsellor) by phone or Zoom
£55.00 – Couples Counselling session (Qualified Counsellor) by phone or Zoom
All fees are payable at the time of booking.

Cancelling sessions

You can book convenient appointments using our online booking facility and you can cancel appointments up until 24 hours before the appointment. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment you will receive a refund. If you give us less than 24 hours’ notice, or do not attend your session, you will be charged for the session and you will not receive a refund. If you want to rearrange your session, please cancel your booking, giving 24 hours notice to ensure you receive your refund and make a new booking.  If your counsellor is unable to attend your session, we will give you at least 24 hours’ notice and advise you by email or we will try to contact you by telephone. No fee will be payable in this circumstance and we will transfer the payment to the next session. In the unlikely event that your counsellor is unable to give you 24 hours’ notice, we will offer you a free session.


Your fee is refundable only when you provide at least 24 hours’ notice when cancelling your counselling session. If you do not give 24 hours’ notice or if you do not attend your session refunds are not available. Refunds are made only to the account that the payment was made from and we are unable to redirect the refund to any other account and we are unable to make the refund by cash or cheque.

Client Feedback

Your views and opinions are important to us to help improve our service. We will ask for your feedback at the end of your therapy with us. By agreeing to the contents of this document, you are giving your consent to your anonymised feedback being used on our website, – please be assured, your name will never be used.