What we can support with

We want to provide the best support for a wide-range of needs, therefore, we have a team of experts and specialists. For instance, we have expert anxiety counsellors, counsellors who specialise in supporting people with depression, and consellors who are expert in working with people with self-esteem issues. In addition, we have specialist bereavement counsellors and counsellors with expertise in supporting with relationships issues.

What can we support you with?

We understand that no-one wants to ‘go for counselling’.  However, sometimes people want support to make changes in their life, so we want to make things as easy as possible for you, understand what you want to achieve and help you achieve it.

Some people want to improve their life in some way.  For instance, they may want to mange their feelings of stress and anxiety to feel more in control.  Some people want to manage feelings of depression to improve their mood or energy levels.  Others want to feel more positive about themselves, switch off that critical voice in their head, or address relationships that are negatively impacting their home, social or work lives.  And, some people are struggling with bereavement or loss.

We offer adult individual, one-to-one counselling and couples counselling with one of our hand picked counsellors matched to your specific needs.  Here’s just a few of the things that you might be experiencing that we can support you with:


Why choose us?

We want to provide counselling that is more available, more affordable and more accessible.

Well Minds Online is a ‘not for profit’ organisation

We don’t have shareholders to pay so any money made is invested to continually improve the services for our clients, and to promote mental health & wellbeing within the UK.

In addition, our founder and Lead Counsellor is a qualified, experienced counsellor overseeing a professional, quality and ethical counselling service for our clients.  We are passionate about providing clients with the best online counselling service to support in enriching and improving lives.

Developing the counsellors of the future

We are also passionate about helping to develop the next generation of counsellors.  Therefore, we provide supported placements for students, in the final stages of their counselling qualifications, who we believe have the appropriate existing skills, knowledge and experience to fully support our clients.

A free initial consultation to discuss any answer any queries you may have

We provide a free initial consultation with our Lead Counsellor to discuss and explore your needs.  If we believe that an alternative organisation or agency can better support you; we will tell you.

We match you to a counsellor based on your individual needs

Only once we understand your needs, what you would like to achieve from counselling and the support you need, will we recommend one of our counsellors.  As a result, you can be sure that the counsellor matched to your unique circumstances has the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to support you to achieve your goals.