Our Policies

Non Attendance, Cancellation and Refunds Policy

Your Counselling Appointments

When you book your appointment with one of our counsellors, the appointment slot is reserved for you. We need 24 hours’ notice to be able to provide sessions for clients waiting to have their counselling sessions and we are unable to reallocate your appointment time at short notice.

You might be interested to know about why counsellors often charge for the session when you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or do not attend. For some of them, this is about covering their costs, for example childcare, and turning away other clients to reserve session times. Some doctors, tutors and hairdressers may charge cancellation fees to cover these costs too. We want to be clear that the charge is not a punishment, it is an indication of the commitment and continuity of therapy for all our clients. Even when you are not here, your space is being held and our work continues.

If you don’t attend your counselling session

If you don’t attend your appointment, and you haven’t cancelled at least 24hours in advance, your fee for the counselling session is still payable.  In the event that you book and miss 2 appointments without contacting us to discuss it, we will assume that you no longer require our support.  You can rearrange your appointments, but you may have to wait for an appointment depending on demand.

Cancelling your session

If you need to cancel your session, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice.  We will always give you 24 hours’ notice if your counsellor is unable to attend your session due to illness or in exceptional circumstances.  Where we are unable to do this and the notice is less than 24 hours, your next session will be free of charge.

To cancel your session and request a refund, please complete the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice when cancelling your appointment so that we can arrange for a refund. Please note that refunds can take Paypal up to 7 days to process.

If you want to rearrange your session, please cancel and then book an alternative session.  Please note that your fee cannot be transferred to an alternative session.  Therefore, you may want to wait until you have received your refund before booking an alternative.

Arranging a refund

  1. Ensure that you give at least 24 hours’ notice when cancelling your appointment
  2. Advise us that you would like a refund by using the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website
  3. Please note that refunds can take Paypal up to 7 days.

Refunds can only be made to the account that the payment was made from and we are unable to redirect the refund to any other account and we are unable to make the refund by cash or cheque.

Complaints Policy

We want you to be happy with our service

We want you to be pleased and totally satisfied with the counselling services that we provide and hope that you do not have cause to complain.

However, we take your comments seriously and want to resolve any issues to your satisfaction as quickly as we can.  To help us resolve your issue, please let us know about it as soon as you can.

  1. We encourage you to speak to your counsellor first
  1. Your counsellor will discuss your concerns with you and agree a way forward
  1. If you feel that your issue has not been resolved please complete our Contact Us section on our website or email heidi@wellmindsonline
  1. Our Lead Counsellor will discuss your concerns with you and agree a way forward

All of our counsellors are members of a professional body so, if you are still not happy you can raise your complaint with your counsellors specific professional body, which is shown on the counsellors profile.

This does not affect your satutory rights.