Client Guide – What to expect during your free initial consultation

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Just by visiting our site you’ve made a significant step towards accessing the support.  By requesting a free initial consultation you’re another step nearer.

Asking for support isn’t easy.  Sometimes asking for help can add to anxiety as we may fear the unknown, feel nervous about being judged or worry about getting emotional.  We want to make things as comfortable for you as we can. We won’t judge you. It’s ok if you get angry, frustrated or upset and it’s ok to cry.

Some people say that they feel a bit better after their initial assessment.  They’ve held in their feelings for so long and some of the weight has been lifted.

Your free initial consultation

We will ask about your current difficulties so that we can understand more about your situation.  It is useful for us to know what, if any, support you already have in place and if you have anyone who you can talk to about how you feel outside of your sessions.


You can tell us about any previous emotional problems and if you have had any counselling in the past. It is useful to know what you found beneficial or didn’t find helpful when we think about matching you with one of our counsellors. For instance, some people want space to be heard.  Others prefer a more direct approach focussed on identifying solutions. Everyone is different and a better understanding of you helps us to match you to a counsellor with the most appropriate approach.


We would like to know what you want to achieve from counselling. If you don’t really know, that’s fine.  You might know what changes you would like to make, for instance, being able to say ‘no’ to people or make more time for you. You may just want to feel different, for example, feel calmer or less anxious. By knowing what you want to achieve we can help you focus on what is important to you and support you to achieve your goals.

You can ask us anything. Ask us about any concerns you might have.  Don’t worry, there are no silly questions here.

What happens next?

After our discussion, we will confirm the name of the counsellor we think will best suit you and your situation. You can find your counsellor’s profile on our website and read more about them and you’ll see their photo so you can put a face to the name.

Create your account – activation can take 24 hours

You’ll create your account, if you haven’t done this already.  Your account can take 24 hours to activate. Once your account Is activated, you can book and pay for your sessions online with our online booking system. Sessions are generally weekly but you can discuss frequency and number of sessions with your counsellor.

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