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A Guide to Booking your Counselling Sessions

Book an Online Counselling Session You can booking your online counselling session in a few easy steps. Here’s a step by step guide to book an online counselling session. Log on to your account using your username (usually yo...

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Client Guide – What to expect during your free initial consultation

Just by visiting our site you’ve made a significant step towards accessing the support.  By requesting a free initial consultation you’re another step nearer. Asking for support isn’t easy.  Sometimes asking for hel...

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Client Guide – Overview of Therapeutic Approaches

Overview of therapeutic approaches   This guide gives a brief overview of therapeutic approaches and provides a description of some of the most popular therapeutic approaches. The guide is not a recommendation of any therap...

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Client Guide – Get the most from your online counselling sessions

It’s important to us that you get the most from your online counselling sessions To help you prepare, here’s some of the benefits and some of the challenges of counselling by phone and video call: To get the most fro...

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Client Guide – Joining a Zoom Call

Client Guide to Joining a Zoom Call.  Our easy guide on how to join a Zoom meeting for your Counselling session.   About Zoom  You do not have to download any software or apps to join a Zoom meeting.  If you do want to do...

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Online v Face to Face Counselling

Online v face-to-face counselling – your questions answered! When consdiering online v face-to-face counselling, people often ask, ‘What is the difference between online and face to face counselling?’, ‘Does onli...

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