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Our aim is to provide available, affordable and accessible counselling by phone or video call. Counselling sessions start from just £15

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How does it work?


Free Initial Consultation

Arrange your consultation with our lead counsellor to discuss your problems, needs and support


Connect with a Counsellor

We match you to a  counsellor with the appropriate skills and experience to best support your needs



Book an Online Session

Use our online calendar to arrange sessions at a time convenient for you, including evenings and weekends

Can online counselling help you?

We believe that most people, at some point in their life, struggle with emotional challenges.  Our clients tell us that they want to feel happier, more confident, more fulfilled and more content with life.  Some want to be able to socialise happily, some to relax, have restful sleep or calm their busy mind.  Others want to resolve relationship issues to ‘feel like a couple again’, or address the relationship issues they have with friends, family or work colleagues.

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can talk through what’s on your mind.  During the call, our lead counsellor will work with you to explore, understand and prioritise your support needs and determine what you hope to achieve from engaging with online counselling, before recommending the counsellor within our team who best matches your needs.

Our Lead Counsellor,

Counselling that’s available, affordable and accessible

We want to provide you with the best online counselling therapy to suit your personal situation, with excellent levels of service. In order to be able to achieve this our team comprises a mix of qualified and student counsellors. All are professionally insured and members of professional associations. This ensures that they all follow ethical guidelines and codes of conduct, so you can be confident that you are benefiting from a high quality counselling service.

There’s no waiting list and there’s no waiting room!

We provide a free initial consultation within days of your request and if you wish, your online counselling can start straightaway.  Our pricing structure is designed to make counselling more affordable and therefore accessible to more people who need it.

Convenient and flexible around your lifestyle

We offer online counselling sessions by Zoom video call or by phone. This not only saves time on travelling but also allows you to access your sessions in familiar surroundings at a time that’s convenient for you.  It’s flexible, discreet and many of our clients have said that it is less daunting than face to face sessions and much more convenient for their life styles.

Our Team are here to provide you with the best online counselling to suit your needs

From our dedicated team of student counsellors, qualified counsellors and couples counsellors we will match you to a counsellor who has the appropriate knowledge, skills, experience and approach for your needs. All our counsellors are members of professional associations, such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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